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Visual Arts

Riverside Junior High Art Department offers students an integrated curriculum focusing on art appreciation, problem-solving, aesthetics and critical thinking skills connecting all disciplines of knowledge.  This interdisciplinary approach to studying the visual arts provides students with the following skills:
  • The development of an appreciation of aesthetics
  • The recognition that works of art reflect and record culture and history
  • The ability to make connections between art and its relationship to society
  • The ability to comprehend, develop, and use concepts and generalizations
  • The ability to distinguish between fact and opinion
  • The development of critical thinking skills by learning to express your ideas in a creative, imaginative manner

The Visual Arts curriculum provides specific aspects of producing, conceptualizing and talking/writing about art.  Appropriate materials and learning experiences which nurture the special talents of all students are provided in the art classes here at Riverside. 

Courses offered:

7h Grade Full Year
8th Grade Full Year
8th Grade Semester
7th & 8th Grade 9 Week

Why the Arts?
  • The arts teach children to make good judgments about qualitative relationships
  • The arts teach children that problems can have more than one solution
  • The arts celebrate multiple perspectives
  • The arts teach children to think through and within a material
  • The arts help children say what cannot be said
  • The arts enable us to have an experience we can have from no other source
  • The arts strengthen problem-solving and critical and thinking skills
  • The arts help children learn to collaborate with each other and realize contribution is integral to their success

RJH Visual Arts Media Gallery

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